How to make your own Latex monster masks

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This project proves once again that boring, mundane (read cheap)  materials can be turned into nightmarish creations.  The active ingredient is your imagination.  Of course all the hours you spent detailing your pet monster will probably be overlooked and taken for granted.  Oh well.  You'll scare the crap out of a bunch of people in October so that should make you feel better.

Some folks questioned why I used plain old plaster of Paris instead of a product such as UltraCal 30 to create the mold.  In short, because a box of common plaster costs around $3.00 and this is just a Halloween prop.  Spooky's recurring theme is essentially "do it yourself with the cheapest materials that will get the job done".  Now, this doesn't necessarily apply to, say, a crank ghost motor.  You can use an electric rotisserie motor to crank your FCG, (I have) but sometimes it pays to spend the cash and buy quality (I did).  However, if you can fake it and still end up with a convincing effect, then fake it.


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