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Haunting Projects
Coming Soon (geologically speaking)
Coming Soon
Corpse Builder's Guide V2.0
More details, more tips, more reasons to collect stacks of that weekly "alternative" paper cluttering the "arts district" that you sometimes read to find out what bands are in town, but you mostly ignore because the constantly whining and complaining 20-something editors are habitual socialists.  But the rag makes great zombie bones.
Haunts Past & Other Spooky Pix
Haunts past
Other spooky pix here
2009 - Day of The (Mostly) Dead
2009 - Anxiety Gardens at Spooky Hollow
2009 - Watch Witches
2008 - Plague of Brigands
2008 - Halloween Hall
2008 - Graveyard Ghouls
2008 - Spooky Hollow (friendly happy)
2007 - Halloween Hall
2007 - Spooky Hollow (dark & scary)
2007 - Spooky Hollow (friendly happy)
2006 - Lawn of The Dead (dark & scary)
2006 - Lawn of The Dead (friendly happy)
2005 - Lawn of The Dead
2004 - Front yard of dread
2003 - Haunted front yard
2002 - Halloween dogs & some cool new props
2001 - Haunt & canine trick or treaters
More prop pix & our first fog machine
Vintage Halloween plastic light collection

Click here to explore the rest of  -  Wow, you mean there's more?
12V LED Haunt Lighting

12V LED Haunt Lighting
Shove a bunch of LEDs into a can, then watch Ohm's Law and Murphy's Law duke it out.

Light your haunt with hacked LED Christmas lights
Introduction    How do LEDs work?    Construction

Grim Sisters

"The Grim Sisters"
Old Witch, Old Witch, she lives in a ditch, And combs her hair with a hickory switch. She lives on nails and snails and flies And if you go near she'll wobble her eyes.

Paper mache witches
Click here


An entirely new species of monster we call "Brigand".  Pillager, robber, thief ... hide your free time in a sock and bury it in the backyard.

Build your own paper mache skeleton  ...on a stick 
Click here

Realistic paper mache skeleton

Make paper mache copies of a Bucky skeleton
Your own army of deadites in only 400 easy steps.

Build a more realistic paper mache skeleton
Part I    Part II

"For God's sake get off the streets! Tell them to go home and lock their windows and doors up tight!  We don't know what kind of murder-happy characters we have here!"

Ghastly ground breaker corpse builder's guide.
Click here  
They're coming for you, Barbara. 
Paper skulls!
Make your own, save money, invest in rubber vampire bats and fake rats to scare your sweetie.
Click here
Terrify crows, neighbors, small dogs with a 15' tall scarecrow.
Click here (Bruno)
This latest scarecrow mutation is what you get when you plant a pumpkin patch in a cursed, abandoned cemetery.  And you water it with a chemcial you found in a 55 gallon drum marked US ARMY.
Click here (Son of Bruno)
Make giant jackolanterns.
Build the ugliest three foot tall gourds you'll ever lay eyes on. 
Click here

Affordable housing for ghosts.  Inexpensive tombstones made from foam boards.
Click here

Here's a cheap and easy to build "toe pincher" coffin made of foam and duct tape.
Click here

"Spookyfire" convincing flickering candlelight effect using LEDs
Click here
"Spookyfire Lantern" - How about a lantern that glows with a ghostly flickering light using a hidden SpookyFire blob?
Click here

Build an electric flickering candle lamp
Click here

Create your own Latex monster masks for Halloween Click here

Corpsing a cheap skeleton "beef jerky" style Click here

Build a simple, dirt-cheap lightning machine Click here
Carve and paint foam sheets to make convincing wood signs and facades.  Smack someone in the back of the head with one and see how convinced they are.
Click here

How to win fiends & influence specters:  Build a mausoleum  Click here

Make an electric "Vacancy" sign to hang above your crypt.  Click here

How to turn a crappy, $8 plastic skeleton into a terrifying spectre.
Click here

The infamous Flying Crank Ghost project.
Click here