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Guest Haunter Nancy Sparks.
Nancy shares her recipe for a very cool-looking cauldron of goo

Bubbling Cauldron of GooNancy's Bubbling Cauldron of Goo


  • One large plastic cauldron
  • Chicken wire
  • Great Stuff insulating foam
  • Old Christmas ornaments of varying sizes
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic bugs, frogs, snakes, body parts, etc.

I take a piece of chicken wire and lay it across the top of the cauldron and cut it about two inches wider than the diameter of the cauldron, then fold it over and work it down into the cauldron so it's resting about two inches below the lip.

Crumple up newspaper and stuff it into the chicken wire so the insulating foam won't drip down through it.

When you have a good base, spray the entire thing with Great Stuff, letting it puff up in spots and curling it around so it looks like a boiling pot. Before it sets up, push down some Christmas ornaments to look like bubbles that are about to burst. I use big ones and little ones. You can also add some snakes coming out of the pot at this point, too, or wait until it's dried. Let some of the foam drip down the sides of the pot, makes a great effect.

woofAfter the Great Stuff has dried thoroughly, use an acrylic paint in your favorite shade of sickly green to paint the pot. I use a combination of yellow and green. I hot glue bugs and frogs with a few body parts in mine. If you like using dry ice, you could always add a bowl in the middle of yours and foam around it for adding the ice at your parties. There it is!

Project Manager Lilly