Turn a cheap skeleton into a terrifying corpse
(Beef jerky style)

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After you've had all the fun you can stand playing with latex and paper towel, it's time put some color on that boiled chicken looking thing you've made.  I used water soluble redwood stain.  There is a wide variety of color to choose from.  Darker stains like cherry and mahogany will result in a much darker, almost baked-looking corpse.  I chose a somewhat lighter color for the jerky boy.

Everyone has his own style for these things.  You can paint on your stain, spatter it on with your fingers, or blot it with a cloth.  It depends on the effect you're going for.  I dabbed mine on with a cloth, then spread it around.  Start out with just a small amount until you get the feel for how dark it's going to be and how well it's going to spread.

You can go over the same area a couple of times to make it darker.  Try to vary the color and don't leave behind any repeating patterns.  I even stained the teeth to make them look as rotted and dried out as the rest of the body.

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After the stain has dried (about 4 hours unless you really poured it on), sprinkle talcum powder all over your corpse.  Brush it into cracks and crevices with a brush or piece of cloth.  This will keep your newborn monster from sticking to the cat and it smells pretty.  Plus, it really adds to the dried-out effect.

Don't be stingy with the talc.  If you put on too much, just brush or vacuum off the excess.


In his previous existence as Calamity Jack, this guy had a hole cut into the back of his head to install blue LEDs.  Plus, holes let any resident evil spirits out.  If your beef jerky corpse will be spending much time outside it might not be a bad idea to give him a coat or two of matte acrylic sealer.  You can use shellac, but that'll make him a little shiny, and dead dry things aren't shiny like that.

This is a fun, affordable, and extremely easy project.  If you don't have one of these cheapo plastic skeletons, you can pick one up at Big Lots or Wal-mart at the beginning of the season.  With a nod of appreciation toward Jerry Chavez who is credited with the first paper-towel-coated-Bucky corpse, have a great season!

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