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Adding LED eyes...

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Another horrible little addition to your tombstone is the addition of glowing eyes.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but the simplest and easiest is with a pair of LEDs.

Of course, if your tombstone doesn't have eyes, then a pair of LEDs might look kind of stupid, but if you think it's scary then go ahead and do it.  It's *your* tombstone, after all.


A pair of LEDs will run nicely off of two AA batteries.  Tie the positive leads together (they're usually a little longer) with a bit of wire.  Then tie the negative leads together.

You can either run them directly to a battery or wire a switch in to easily switch them on and off.  You can get battery boxes, switches, wire, and LEDs at Radio Shack, or at (my favorite place)


Drill a pair of holes into the front of your face.  You'll want your LEDs to fit snugly in there, but don't panic if you drill them too large.  A drop of hot glue on the back will hold them in place.  When your holes are drilled through the brain and out the back of your stone, insert the LEDs into the holes.  Don't push them all the way out.  If you have a battery box and switch, mount them to the back of your stone with a couple of globs of hot glue.  That's it!

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