Guest Haunter
Riley Cameron

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Spooky Blue's guest haunter Riley Cameron shares some of his work

This is my obelisk, inspired by...well, something scary, I'm sure.  I'll have to get back to you on this one.  It is around 5 feet tall and is made from pink foam, joint compound and latex paint.  I am not crazy about the color scheme, so I will be changing the colors to grey and black.  Also only one side is currently painted if you look close since I just wanted to try it out before I did it on all sides.  The painting is harder than it looks.  There is about five
different layers on, all built up using undertones.  The only colors used were brown and yellow, just mixed in different quantities to give it more depth.  Overall, it was a very fun and rewarding prop since its not everyday you see an obelisk in someone's front yard!


This is my (unfinished) jack in the box prop.  It is inspired by TS's crate prop.  The white handle in the side will be painted black.  It is attached to an ice cream maker motor and will actually rotate as the pop goes the wheesle music is being played on an organ.  When activated the "jack" inside will pop out in all of his gory glory.  This prop is OK by itself, but it will be the way I utilize it that will make it a double whammy scare.  

THE EFFECT:   The guests walk in to a "kids" room atmosphere.  When they see the jack box sitting there, the handle will start to rotate and play that creepy music.  Right before it gets to the part we all like when the box is about to go POP, everything shuts off.  The guests will either think that is all it was supposed to do or it broke.  While they are standing there, a scary clown will jump out from behind them for the first scare then when they turn to exit the door, THEN the jack box will pop up revealing the bloody head. Really hoping for an AAAAAHHHHH   AAAAAAHHHHH effect here!


After viewing the next three props, you will think that I am Steve Hickman just trying to promote his books, but its just plain old me.  Believe me, I would be allot more excited right now if my haunt looked like his!  Anyway, these are textbook examples of TS props.  I highly recommend the books.
This is the chained coffin.  It is the classic toe pincher stile with a little twist.  When the guests almost get by the prop, you trigger it and the door thrashes violently clanking the chains like something is trying to escape.


This is the gatekeeper prop.  Just a classic MM prop.  Very easy to build with some wood supports chicken wire and some good old burlap.  When the pix were taken, he didn't have his hands, so just use your imagination with long boney fingers grasping tightly the cold hard stone to his lifeless chest. . . hmmm, felt like Edgar Allen Poe there for a minute!   Anyway....the sign is made out of, yep you guessed it, pink foam!


Last but not least, is the watcher.  Just another MM prop, but in the right lighting, this thing looks so convincing its almost scary!!  Every haunt needs at least one of these protecting a dark corner.