Flying Crank Ghost Project

September 21, 2002

We might actually get this thing built before Halloween.  I finally contributed something to the project (after my initial Sep 2 involvement) by reforming the coat hanger marionette and not melting our 2nd styrofoam head.

We used a plastic hanger for the torso, to which we attached the arms and head.  This gave the arms a wide range of motion without binding at the shoulders.

We also added a "neck" to prevent "Sarah" from looking like an interested dog with her head cocked sideways each time an arm lifted.

Independence of the head from the shoulders is a good thing as long as it's not taken to the extreme.  

The French understand this.

The Counter-Weight

If your FCG suffers from involuntary muscle spasms, then consider adding a counter-weight to calm her down.

A counter-weight is usually employed to assist the motor in lifting the marionette. Our beefy rotisserie had no trouble lifting.  Lowering was another matter.

The weight of the marionette pulled the crank, causing the ghost to convulse once or twice each revolution..  Fascinating as it was to watch, "detoxifying heroine addict" wasn't the effect we were striving for.

A 12oz beer bottle filled with approx 6oz of water proved to be just enough weight to counter the pull of the marionette.  11 other beers bravely gave their lives to help us prove this theory.

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