Flying Crank Ghost Project

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October 5, 2002

Project Completed!

Despite ourselves, we completed our flying crank ghost Sarah in a little over a month.  You can imagine the pride we felt as we watched our pretty, spooky girl rise into the air on her maiden flight under the black lights.

We flipped on the motor and hit the lights.  Stunned silence ensued.  We figured she'd spin out of control and catch fire.  Instead, she rose into the air, gracefully tilted her head to the right, and came back down without incident.

Sarah has completed this cycle at least a zillion times in the two nights she's been running.

It's very early in the season yet, but already it's become a circus at night as people drive by, then turn around and drive by the other direction.

Sarah appears again this year along with a new friend.  Click here for details on the "Mausoleum of Calamity Jack".

Of course you want to see video of our FCG!  Click here

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