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Construction continued ...
If you have a good eye for the potential in things, then you'll get more out of the rest of this project by looking at the pictures than by reading my comments about them.  For the rest of you, it's time to begin nurturing the dreamer within.

The ramp from the 2nd level to level 3 was dropped in favor of a trap-door prairie dog hole.

Do it yourself cat scratching post

We made a nice scratching post out of some scratchy twine.  Secure one end to your post with staples (making sure that the staples are far away from where kitty's claws will be scratching), and wrap it tightly around the post.  Staple the other end, and you're done.  An electric or air-powered staple gun works well, and you can tap in any stubborn staples with a hammer.

The "penthouse" level is supported by two 1x4s.  The 1x4s are mounted to the two taller upright 2x2s using 6 wood screws drilled at an angle to avoid splitting the posts.

We added a coat of Elmer's between the posts and the 1x4's before tightening the screws.  A combination of finishing nails and 1" wood screws keep the top platform in place.  Saul was interested in what we were doing until he noticed that the electric staple gun was out of its case, after which he disappeared for a couple of days.

Here we see that the frame has miraculously turned blue.  That was fortunate since it was the exact shade that we had planned to paint it.

Next, we began puzzling out the carpeting.  If you have at your disposal a very goal-oriented girl friend who also has sewing skills, or a latent talent for origami, I recommend that she be appointed el jefe over this portion of the project.

I would have been happy with a hunk of carpet nailed to a piece of plywood, but the lovely and talented "The Chick" was having none of that.  She says it's like wrapping a present.  If that really is the case, then I probably would have accidentally suffocated myself or stapled my foot to the floor.

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